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Holistically Healing

May 3, 2019

I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura. She shares her story about when she struggled with anxiety and how she had a breakthrough. She also shares her thoughts on anxiety when it comes to money. She gave us so much valuable information.  

Take a listen for more details.

Here is Laura's bio:

Laura grew up in poverty, both physically and emotionally.
By the time she was in her early 20’s, she was married, then divorced and still suffering physically, deprived emotionally, and still poor. She never even graduated college because she could never figure out what to do. Laura just wanted to make money.

At 25, Laura started a small business from home and by 28, reached incredible success, earning 6 figures with no degree or experience. She became a speaker, international trainer and eventually was hired as a sales and marketing executive on the corporate level.

From launching products with manufacturers for a multi-million dollar global company to being an International Trainer and Keynote Speaker at seminars all over the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K., Laura has been teaching marketing, business development and personal transformation to hundreds of thousands of individuals and business owners for almost 20 years.

Laura got married again, started a family, won tons of awards, and made a million dollars, but still wasn’t truly fulfilled personally and professionally. At 40 years old, she was sick again. She had success, money, love, and a family, but something was missing.

Laura needed to grow spiritually and personally to reach the next level in life. She changed careers, followed a creative path and took massive and deliberate action combined with a mindset shift to change her life. She learned how to create true wealth, which is an extraordinary life with fulfillment on all levels: mind, body, spirit, love and money. At 44, life has never been better and she is helping other women unlock their infinite potential.

As a creative strategist and marketing agency owner with her husband, Laura absolutely lives for marketing, creating and inspiring big ideas. She is known as an uplifter who inspires and stimulates positive thinking and personal achievement in anyone who crosses her path. Whether you are looking for a mindset shift, want a personal transformation or are ready to craft your own creative brand, Laura can help.

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